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Propeller Handbook : The Complete Reference for Choosing, Installing,
and Understanding Boat Propellers

by David Gerr 
International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press
1st edition (June 11, 2001
Dimensions (in inches): 10.9 x 8.6 x 0.5 inches 

This is THE great book on propellers. Billed as. "The complete guide to choosing, understanding and installing boat propellers." Plenty of technical details, but still easy to understand. It can teach you what all those odd propeller terms mean and even have you calculating prop slip in a jiffy. It is now available in paperback for less than half what it used to cost in hardback! Order Yours Today.

Marine Propeller Calculators

We (RBBI) have created a JavaScript based RBBI Prop Calculator that works on the internet. You can enter any four of the 5 variables (engine rpm, gear ratio, prop pitch, prop slip, and boat speed) and it will calculate the 5th one.

Propeller Information

Mercury Marine has a Everything You Ever Need To Know About Propellers Booklet.

Advantage Propellers has a Propeller Info Center.

We have a site on the Propeller Industry that provides information about the market for propellers.


If you have something you would like to know about propellers that is not explained here or in the resources provided by Hern or Advantage above, please drop us a note and we will try to answer it here. Please check the two resources listed before asking your question and DO NOT ask us to size a prop for your boat!

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