Fishing Products and Services at Tulsa Boat Show 2006

Fishing & Navigation Products and Services at the 2006 Tulsa Boat Show

Show Dates Jan 30th to Feb 5th 2006

by Polson Enterprises

This page is part of our coverage of the 2006 Tulsa Boat Show.

In addition to lots of bass boats (see our bass boat page ) there were dozens and dozens of locations promoting themselves as your next fishing site. We enjoyed visiting with several of them. Lora kept picking up literature and hinting to me it was time for another vacation. Plus lots of fishing guides were there. One group brought several big fish on ice to entice you to fish there. Beaver Fever Striper Guide Service had HUNDREDS of photos of successful guided fishing trips as a backdrop along with several mounted large stripers. They made a wonderful display and enticed in a lot of people to talk to them even the few minutes we were standing around taking pictures.

Pond King showed some miniature pontoon boats for use in farm ponds.
Lowrance was there with a nice big booth. Not seeing any recongition of the quite recent sale of their company to Simrad in their booth, I asked on of them helping out in another booth about their new ownership and they downplayed it.

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