100 Foot Houseboat at Tulsa Boat Show 2006

100 Foot Houseboat at the 2006 Tulsa Boat Show

Fantasy Yachts 20 X 100 Houseboat

Show Dates Jan 30th to Feb 5th 2006

by Polson Enterprises

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A beautiful, huge houseboat used as a drawing card for the whole show. They were letting everybody go through this wonderful boat. What a beauty. The 2006 Fantasy from Fantasy Yachts exhibited by Arrowhead Boat Sales. A full 20 feet wide, this is a huge vessel. A big thanks to them for bringing and and for letting us go through!

This is a BIG boat.
That's Lora going "Where's the boat?" She is on it! Its so big it doesn't even have the "mobile home feel" to it that many houseboats have. It seems like you's just in somebody's very nice house.

Once again, a big thanks to Arrowhead for bringing this big house boat in and for the dozens of people who helped make it possible, including all the truck drivers, flagmen, and policemen required to get it up and down the road.

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