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Marine Concepts provides a complete package of state-of-the-art design, development, engineering, prototype and tooling services for marine industry fiberglass products. Our designs have earned many boat manufacturers "Boat of the Year" awards.


Five Axis milling and plug building. Any size if sectioned. Envelope is 40' x 12' x10'

Hulls designed by Naval Architects. Finished product CAD.

Plugs and Molds to any stage requested, to any surface finish desired, framed and ready for production.

Our People

We employ the most talented and skilled engineers and craftsmen available and are noted for our quality and strict adherence to schedules.

Every single one of our over 70 employees has prior experience in their area of expertise. This guarantees quality work and assures projects will not only be reviewed by experts, but built by them. Our team includes CAD trained Engineers, Naval Architects, and draftsmen. Most can surface model, section, and tool path for 3 or five axis routers. Our plug builders, mold builders and detailers are the very best in the Industry.

Our Background

Founded in 1976, Marine Concepts has built thousands of plugs and molds for major boat manufacturers. Robert Long purchased the company in 1993. His past experience includes 17 years as President of Wellcraft Marine and several years as an engineer and executive for other Midwest boat companies.

We have worked with for over 80% of the top U.S. boat manufactures and pride ourselves in producing quality products on tight schedules. Our people, industry experience, state-of-the-art tools and competitive pricing result in great value for our customers!

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