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This is a list of search engines we (Polson Enterprises) have found helpful from time to time

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SOME HISTORICAL COMMENTS About Search Engines- written June 2001 - Which search engine to use become a matter of personal preference and the exact task at hand. Right now (Jun 2001) I usually start with Google for some good broadband coverage and for the cached views of pages not currently available, then turn to Northern Light for its special publications and in-depth thoroughness. Metacrawler pulls several search engines together and SavySearch seems to find some weird stuff I do not dig up using the others. I suggest you give all the engines listed a try and see which ones work best for you. Most beginners like Yahoo and AskJeeves. My preferences change every few months as the engines adjust their pages and coverage. I think my favorite general search engine has changed from gopher to Yahoo to Lycos to Excite to Infoseek to AltaVisa to HotBot back to AltaVista, to MetaCrawler and now to Google, with a brief stopover at Dogpile. Teoma is coming on fast in August 2001. It works great for new technologies, but by mid September, Vivisimo was getting my attention and now DayPop allows searching only recent postings (great for current events). Now its late November and DMOZ (the Open Directory Project) is catching my attention. On Dec 11th, 2001 I discovered Alexa reborn as the Internet Archive, I thought it was gone forever, but its BACK !!! This is a dream come true. August 12, 2002 I discovered KartOO, with its really interesting graphically organized results display. Will take a while to get used to this one, but I like it. Many of the search engines are out of business, or in busines as something else. Snap and Infoseek are dozens more are now gone. As well as Alexa's unique ability to recover pages no longer posted.

Alexa has since came back to us as the Internet Archive and the big news in fall 2003, is that it is now searchable!! Also several blog search engines have come on the scene making it easier to find coverage of niche events in a hurry.

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We suggest you start with Google Earth, then move to these tools if you need more resolution.

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