Job Openings for ex-OMC employees

Job Openings for ex-OMC employees

by Mr. Wizard

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Send in Job Openings

A big thanks to the many companies coming forward to offer these jobs. If anybody is aware of or has jobs openings, please drop us an email.
Our OMC Employee FAQ page provides job finding tips, aids and information on groups providing assistance specific to OMC workers.

Job Openings for ex-OMC Employees

  • Godfrey Marine has an online employment page. A big thanks to one of our readers for pointing it out to us.

  • Mercury Marine posts job openings online. Select " About Us" then select "Jobs at Mercury".

  • SeaRay has an on-line employment site.

  • Yamaha Motor Career Opportunities page.

  • Monster.Com Job Listings. Enter the word "outboard" in the search blank to view about 10 jobs. The word "two stroke" yields one more. The word "boat" yields over a hundred, you will have to sift through a lot of them to find the relevant ones.

    Below is a copy of an announcement for the Jan 31, 2001 job fair in Waukengan.
    We maintain it here as reference material.
    Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001
    From: OMC
    Subject: job fair
    Please post that OMC is working in conjunction with the 
    Illinois Department of Workforce Development and The 
    College of Lake County hosting a Job Fair on Wednesday, 
    January 31, 2001 1 PM to 5 PM.  The job fair will be held 
    at the College of Lake County - Lakeshore Campus, 
    111 North Genesse Street, Waukegan, IL, 
    North Building Conference Center.
    Approximately 40 employers will be represented looking 
    for employees of all disciplines.  Please bring a resume 
    to the job fair.
    If employers are interested in participating in job fair or simply 
    sending postings/company information, please refer them to the 
    college of lake county, career development center at (847) 543-2059.  
    they should tell the career center they are interested in the omc job fair.

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