Volvo Penta IPS Drive<br> and Sues BC

Volvo Penta IPS Drive

Inboard Performance System
1 Dec 2004

Volvo Penta's new Inboard Performance System marine drive, abbreviated by them as IPS, is featured in a pre-release story from Motor Boat & Yachting.

The drive due for worldwide release at London Boat Show in January it features twin forward facing propellers on a thru the bottom of the hull drive leg. It will initially only be available in twin installations (it looks like they will be steering the early versions by using one drive against the other).

IPS can also be seen in a 1 Dec ibinews release.

It appears to be the production version of a drive covered in several recent U.S. patents. You can read the text from the links below. A tiff viewer will be required to see the images.

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