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Propeller Cases

We have moved all our propeller injury information. Most can be accessed from our Propeller Guard Update 2002.

Legal Books

Some books in the area of Recreational Boating Law are:

Miscellaneous Thoughts and Information

Ex- Employees Can Testify

A 14 January, 1998 Wall Street Journal article describes a Supreme Court ruling preventing companies from blocking testimony from ex-employees. This ruling may hold special interest to the boating industry, especially in the light of David Jones' move from Brunswick to OMC.

Temporary Workers

An October 14, 1996 Wall Street Journal article describing the recent Microsoft class-action lawsuit which was lost by them is in the Management Desk section of this web site. It appears that it would be a good time to review the use of temporary workers at your sites and determine how closely their use meets with federal and state laws.


The U.S. Coast Guard Maritime Navigation Central web page has links to boat recalls and boating accident statistics. A link to it is provided on our Boating Safety segment of the Other Useful Links page.

Be sure to browse the Law Links segment of our Other Useful Links page. Especially visit those sites marked

The internet has Boating Accident Database that can be used to find information on specific accidents.

An excellent source of recent U.S. court rulings is the PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) System. You can access case information, dockets and opinions on-line for 60 cents/minute. The information is well indexed and it only takes a very minutes to find and read or download what you are looking for. There is a link to more PACER information in the Law Links segment of the Other Useful Links section. PACER can be contacted at:

P.O. Box 780549
San Antonio TX 78278-0549

FAX 1-210-308-3763
A user directory of the system is available on the net at

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