Marketing Theory Page

Marketing Theory Page

On this page we will provide some tools and discuss some of the current theories that may have a bearing on the boat building industry.

Baby Boomer Lifestyles

We have recently seen a few articles on the "aging baby boomers" saying they may not age (go to rocking chairs) like prior generations. Many intend to continue their active lifestyles into retirement. This could have significant positive effect upon the boating industry. We find those articles and reference them here.


A web site, has created a stir about psychographic marketing. There is an excellent article about the site and this situation in the Oct. 7, 1996 Business Week beginning on page 100. The article is titled, "Why Firefly Has Mad Ave. Buzzing" . The site began by allowing people to enter their preferences in movies and records. As a large database developed, they began to be able to sort the people and find those with similar likes. They use that ability to help you find additional movies or records you would probably like (other with your similar likes, liked them). The site was launched in January of 1996 and already has an estimated 300,000 users. They are selling CD's online as well as selling advertising space to others.

The search engine, a special agent software, said to be a year ahead of others, is the secret to the site's success. The site never even asks you for your name. You sign in with an alias and it begins to build a profile for you. You can contact others with your similar likes, chat on-line, and write reviews.

This kind of technology and site might be able to identify potential boaters??

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