Suzuki Wins Product Innovation Award at IMTEC 97

Suzuki Wins
Product Innovation Award
at IMTEC 1997
Sept. 25, 1997

Suzuki won the coveted "Product Innovation Award" in the propulsion category at IMTEC 97 for DF60/70 4-stroke EFI Outboard. They had a great show. We (RBBI) awarded them our "Best of Show" award.


The Engine

Cutaway View

Another View

That's Gus Blakely and Bob Bucklin of Suzuki in the photo.

The engine offer a variety of innovative features including a water-cooled long-track intake manifold for less noise and improved mid-range power, an idle control system that provides a smooth, consistent idle at only 700 rpm, an advanced computer controlled EFI system, and a computer diagnostic system for easier maintenance and repairs.

Bob was especially proud of the water-cooled long-track intake manifold. I got the idea this innovation took some work, but was well worth their efforts.

The Award


Award Close Up

Receiving the award, Cam Smith Arnold (Suzuki's Marine Marketing Manager) said, "On behalf of everyone at Suzuki, we're thankful and proud to receive this award. Our goal is to develop new motors which meet tomorrow's challenges while satisfying the needs of today's boater. Receiving this honor from the industry and the marine press reaffirms that we're on the right track."

Booth Photo

Booth Entrance

Their booth was nice and open and easy to get around in. I thought it was one of the best layouts of the "majors".

They also had a very nice easy to read product catalog. I thought it was the best of the propulsion manufacturers and the second best of the show. You can read about our "Brochure Selections" on our RBBI Awards Page.

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