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Suzuki Marine News Release

New 40/50 Horsepower EFI Four-Stroke Outboards Win
1998 IMTEC Innovation Award

Suzuki Marine First Back-To-Back WInner of Prestigious Honor

      Chicago (October 2, 1998) - Suzuki Marine's new 40/50 horsepower EFI Four-Stroke outboard motors were announced today as winners of the 1998 Innovation Award for Engines/Power/Propulsion. The announcement was made by a prestigious panel of boating journalists at the 1998 IMTEC (International Marine Trades Exhibit & Conference) Show in Chicago, Illinois.

      In an industry first, Suzuki Marine has now won the award - which recognizes technical innovation and excellence in marine products -- two years in a row. Suzuki received the 1997 Innovation award for its 60/70 horsepower EFI Four-Stroke outboards, which later became the company's most successful new product launch in terms of retail sales. Suzuki also took the very first IMTEC Innovation Award back in 1987; making three wins for the company overall.

      The 1999 40/50 EFI Four-Strike models boast a variety of technical advancements not found on any motors in their class, such as a four-valves-per-cylinder/dual overhead cam design, digital electronic fuel injection and a tuned long-branch intake manifold. They also offer breakthroughts never seen before on outboards of any size, including an oil-bathed timing chain with an automatic hydraulic tensioner for improved durability and the marine industry's first direct ignition system for improved performance and less electronic interference.

      "Our goal with the 40/50 EFI Four-Stokes was to bring today's most advanced technology to one of the largest segments of the marine market," said Cam Smith Arnold, Suzuki marine marketing director. "Receiving this honor, especially on the heels of winning for our 60/70 four-strokes last year, tells us we're on the right track.

Congratulations to Suzuki for another great job! They had a fine display and won the Innovation Award again. Could they be going for a Three-Peat??

Their press kit included a very well done 6 page "Product Information" piece on the 40/50 units. It did a great job of describing how the units work and their advantages. Its the best marine power informational piece of this nature I have ever seen.

OK guy's, I can't pass up making a comment on the press release. It mentions the "long-branch intake manifold." Couldn't you call it a Miss Kitty, Marshall Dillon, Doc Holliday, Chester, or Sam (the bartender) after the Long Branch Saloon in Gunsmoke?? Maybe I've been at the computer too long??

Cutaway of Winning Engine

97 & 98 Innovation Awards

Bob Bucklin (left) and Gus Blakely with the drives & awards

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