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NOTE: Back in 2001 we removed these boating environmental and other files to conserve server space and meet bandwidth limit. On 2 May 2007 we reinstalled them. Several of these boat emission files are now pretty old. The EPA documents may now even be available from the EPA site but were not way back when we first placed them here. However, they do indicate some of the excellent boat and marine market statistical data available in EPA reports.

This page will be the access link to files stored on our site for downloading. Most of them are either too large for normal viewing or in a format that is not browser compatible.

Index of FTP Files

      Name           Last modified     Size  Description

******************************************************************** The following files are part of the June 1996 EPA Emission Standards for New Nonroad Spark Ignition Marine Engines [   ] marinind.pdf 06-Aug-96 15:06 14K Info Fact Sheet (Adobe Acrobat Format) [TXT] marinind.txt 06-Aug-96 15:06 8K Info Fact Sheet (text format) [   ] 02-Aug-96 11:08 50K Preamble (zipped) [   ] marnfria.pdf 02-Aug-96 11:08 414K Regulatory Impact Analysis (Adobe Acrobat Format) [   ] 02-Aug-96 11:08 267K Regulatory Impact Analysis (zipped) [   ] 02-Aug-96 11:08 91K Summary Analysis of Comments (zipped) [   ] pr-23721.pdf 04-Oct-96 890K Regulatory Text (Adobe Acrobat Format) [TXT] marnreg.txt 04-Oct-96 500K Regulatory Text ********************************************************** In preparation for the recent regulations in many areas, the EPA conducted a series of population studies of various types of boat engines. The results were published in Sept. 1993. The files are in Lotus .wk1 Format and are quite large. They contain a great deal of information about the sizes and types of boats in certain areas. The first file covers 24 NERVES areas and the second file covers 9 more areas. The file is a word perfect 5.1 file that describes the spreadsheet columns of the first two files in depth. It unzip to a 400k file that covers some other spreadsheets as well. Just look through it for the portion on the marine engine spreadsheets. [   ] h2o_apop.wk1 13-Oct-93 09:44am 1,130K EPA boat population study part 1 (lotus format) [   ] h2o_bpop.wk1 01-Oct-93 02:10pm 228K EPA boat population study part 2 (lotus format) [   ] 49K Word Perfect 5.1 file describing columns in the two spreadsheets above (zipped) **************************************************************
The U.S. Court of Appeals ruled on the Steven Lough vs. Brunswick Case (brass seal patent) June 12, 1996. That 36 page ruling is provided below in Microsoft Word format (.doc) and in Word Perfect format (.wpd). The .doc version is the original. The .wpd version messes up a few of the page breaks, but it is all there. The ruling is should be very interesting to all inventor types as it focuses upon when your invention is considered disclosed to the public.

[   ] 95-1266.doc           78K   Microsoft Word format of Court Ruling 

[   ] 95-1266.wpd           58K   Word Perfect format of Court Ruling 

The NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) provides a document on the CE marking system in Europe titled, "Standards Setting in the European Union". This 84 page document is their special publication #891 (1997 edition). It is also available for download from the NIST web site. You might find a more recent update there. It is in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

[   ] staneu.pdf           790K   discussion paper (Adobe Acrobat Format) 


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