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Outboard Motor manufacturers, If you are considering buying a new or used outboard engine or outboard boat, this is the page for you! We maintain the most extensive list of Outboard Motor Manufacturer Links available on the net, along with links to parts manual, service manuals, operators manuals and related information. Outboard Motor Manufacturers Directory is a Polson Enterprises web site.

If you happen to be interested in stern drives, inboards, water jets, surface drives, sail drives or other marine propulsion systems, you can find links to their manufacturers on our Marine Drive Manufacturers page.

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We have lost track of a few marine propulsion companies, for them we provide the last URL we saw them at and the date we removed them from the list. You can find info on several of them in the historical files at the Internet Archive.

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Outboard Motor Manufacturers

Ultra Shallow Running Outboards or Similar Drives

Electric Outboard and Trolling Motor Manufacturers

Industrial / Commercial Outboards

Miscellaneous Outboard Motors & Pump Jets

Major Rebuilders of Outboard Engines

Dozens of companies rebuild outboard motors, sell cores and powerheads. Due to high shipping costs, several excellent rebuilders serve regional markets, especially regions with high concentrations of outboards. A few of the larger rebuilders are listed below.

Outboard Motor Reviews and Price Guides

Who Really Makes Which Outboards?

With Brunswick's recent outboard dumping claims against Yamaha, more people are becoming aware many outboards are not produced (or certainly not entirely produced) by the company selling them.

Trailer Boats recently published an excellent article titled, "Who Makes What for Whom" by Jim Barron in their February 2006 issue (page 28). It details the "who makes what for whom" now and in recent years.

Their article is summarized in the table below.

Drive Manufacturer

Who Actually Builds the Drives

Johnson and Evinrude
Under both builders, from the powerhead down, the major differences in Johnson and Evinrude are the cowls and paint color.

Until 2006, Suzuki manufactured the Johnson four strokes up to 225 HP.

For 2006 Suzuki only makes the Johnson four strokes up through 30 HP, Evinrude produces direct injected two strokes (E-Tec) 40 HP and above.

Nissan outboards are built by Tohatsu
Long ago, some Honda three cylinder powerheads were mounted on Mercury drive legs and props. For the last several years, Honda has built its full line of outboards.
Mercury Marine
2006 model Mercury four strokes from 2.5 through 30 HP are built by Tohatsu.

Before Yamaha entered the U.S. market, Mercury's Mariner line was built by Yamaha.

Last year (2005), Mercury four stroke powerheads from 25 through 225 HP (except the Verados) were built by Yamaha. Several of those models used Mercury drive legs, electronics and EFI systems (replacing carbs Yamaha used in similar sized engines).

In 2006 models, Mercury four stroke powerheads from 40 to 225 HP (except the Verados) are built by Yamaha.

Mercury's agreement with Yamaha ended in March 2006, at which time Mercury is expected to phase in more four cylinders (75 to 115 HP) based on the Verado engine block, but without supercharging or intercooling.

Outboard Motor Parts Manuals, Outboard Service Manuals, Outboard Operators Manuals

Several manufacturers put their parts manuals online. The table below provides links to online manuals and sources for others. You may need the year, model number and serial number of the outboard to select the proper manual.


Parts Manual

Service Manual

Operators Manual

Briggs & Stratton

Parts Manual
Repair Manual
Owners Manual

Evinrude &

Online BRP Parts Catalog

For 1996 and older, BRP refers owners to Ken Cook Marine Literature

Purchase one from us via Amazon

or purchase one from an Evinrude/Johnson dealership

Purchase one from an Evinrude/Johnson dealership

Honda Marine

Contact your dealer
Honda refers you to Helm to purchase their service manuals that are print to order
Owners Manual can view for free or buy a hard copy

Mercury Marine

Enter your serial number at Mercury PartsExpress to view yours online

or purchase one from Mercury

Purchase one from us via Amazon

or purchase one from Mercury

Purchase one from Mercury


Purchase from Selva UK
Purchase from Selva UK
Purchase from Selva UK


Contact your dealer
Contact your dealer
Contact your dealer

Tohatsu /

Contact your dealer
Nissan refers you to Helm to purchase carbureted two stoke Tahatsu/ Nissan service manuals. The remaining service manuals are available from dealers
Nissan Owners Manuals

Tohatsu Owners Manuals


Online Parts Catalog

or purchase from Yamaha

Purchase one from us via Amazon

or purchase from Yamaha

Owners Manual

Outboard Motor Parts

Outboard parts are for sale by the engine manufacturers, thousands of dealers and retail outlets. We list a few sources below with web sites that seem a bit friendlier than the others below.

Outboard Owners Groups / Clubs for Specific Brands/Models

Outboard Motor Technical Articles

Some technical articles we have written about marine drives are below.


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