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Sponsor Information Page is a Polson Enteprises web site. provides access to a very tightly segmented group of boating industry professionals. Companies supplying components or services to the Boat Building Industry have an excellent and economical opportunity to communicate with their existing and future customers. Those outside the industry who have products and services used by the types of professionals that will be daily using this service have an opportunity to reach some new customers here. Drive Manufacturers, Boat Builders, Boat Dealers, Marine Retailers also frequent our site. For those wishing to communicate with consumers, our Boat Manufacturer Links page is seen by thousands of viewers daily.

The pages available for Sponsorship have a small rectangular sponsor box in the top right corner and an advertising Banner in the middle of the page. Examples of them are shown below.

When visitors click on either box they will be sent to your web site and you can supply them with any information you desire. If you do not have a web site - we can establish one for you on this site. We would encourage you to establish your own web site with your provider and begin to apply this technology so you can grow with it. If you are unable to do that at this time, we can establish a site with some of your basic product or service information and provide your phone and fax numbers. We have the ability to scan photographs and brochures. E-mail us at or give us a call at (800) 443-6543 with your needs.

We envision the small upper right sponsor box remaining at it is shown, and just adding your company name. The Banner Ad can included some basic information about your company and its products or services as well as any current specials. We can use your company colors and logos if desired. The banner is 60 X 468 Pixels and we can help you design it if you wish. We do not allow animations in the banner.

Additionally have a sponsors page (with the yellow box link in the Folders section of the Home Page) which lists all the current sponsors with links to their sites.

We will be regulating the type of advertising on the site to make sure it is appropriate for and of interest to our users. Also will keep the site "G-Rated" so you don't have to worry about seeing some X-Rated Materials here or on those sites sponsoring our site.

Following is a list of some of the pages on this site that are setup for Sponsorship. Other pages can be setup for sponsorship if desired.




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