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Bold & Blue Program

We maintain the most extensive list of Powerboat Manufacturer Links available on the net.

Normal links are free. If you firm is not already listed, please email us from the link below.

Our new Bold & Blue program makes your entry leap from the page to the attention of those shopping for a new boat. Several builders already say we are among the top sources of web traffic referred to their site. By signing up for our new Bold & Blue program you can drastically increase your presence and send even more potential buyers to your site.

See the listings for Stingray Boats and VEN-T boats as examples of our Bold and Blue links.

Currently the program is $75 for 6 months or $120 a year, payable in advance in U.S dollars. We accept VISA, Mastercard, PayPal, and checks drawn on U.S. banks.

For builders with several lines of boats, additional Bold & Blue listings are available at 20% off after the first listing is purchased at full cost.

Contact us today to participate in this exciting program for as low as 33 cents a day !!

Cost of all programs described above are doubled for Bold & Blue links on the marine drive manufacturer pages.

We also offer a display ads via Google Adwords.

Some people say that our selling of links is against Google search engine policies. There are thousands of paid directories online (where everybody pays to be listed). Google's policies are against paid links for the purpose of increase search engine ranking positions (to help them to get listed higher on the search engines). Our Bold & Blue system is to help your listing stand out on our directory page (just like a bold listing in the phone book).

With well over a hundred normal links on our page the individual value of any bold link toward increasing your Page Rank (PR) is almost nothing (value is partially inversely tied to the number of links on our page). Plus we give away the same link not bolded for free to any boat manufacturer that meets our criteria (full time operation making several boats a year, their web site is not offensive, and they have never requested to be delisted from our free listing program).

To make sure we still do not generate any problems with Google, we change our bold links to rel="nofollow", meaning, the search engines do not follow those links and absolutely no page rank points are attributed to those links.

Any payment you make to us is purely for the purpose of increasing your visibility on our Boat Manufacturer's or Marine Drive Manufacturer's directory pages and will absolutely not increase your Page Rank in the search engines.

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phone (800) 443-6543
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