Boaters vs. PWCs Discussion based on literature review

Discussion of the Boaters vs. PWCs Conflict
Based on the Research Literature

Our research found numerous Recreational Conflict studies completed in the 1970's. The advent of snowmobiles, ATV's, and off-road bikes during the 70's sparked numerous Recreational Conflicts similar to the one currently being experienced by Boaters and PWCs today. Some suggestions for conflict reduction in those situations, may have application to the current conflict.

The Boaters vs. PWCs conflict is very similar to prior outdoor recreational conflicts.

Some characteristics of the PWC conflict that differ from some other Recreational Conflicts are:

Researchers in other Recreational Conflicts were sometimes able to utilize vehicle registration data to find users (or the parents of the actual users). Boats registration is fairly universal. PWC registration is less regulated.

It might be interesting to compare the education level of the two groups. Many PWC operators are the young college crowd and recent graduates. Boaters tend to be older, but I am not sure how the education levels would compare. Strong differences in education level between the two conflicting groups has been observed in several recreational conflicts.

Suggestions for Resolution from the Research Literature

The research papers did offer some potential solutions toward other Recreation Conflicts that might have some application to the Boater vs. PWC conflict. It appears that as in most conflicts, resolution will not be easy. A multi-faceted approach based on some of the ideas below might at least soften the conflict.

Additional Suggestions for Resolution from the Author

After reading the literature and thinking about the problems a few suggestions came to mind that do not appear to be directly discussed in the literature. Those ideas are presented below.

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