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The boating industry has very strong ties to manufacturers of both finished goods and component parts in Japan. Many technologies related to engines and boating are being developed there and Japan itself is a growing market for the boating industry. As a result of these strong ties to Japan we have created this "Japan Desk" to make our Japanese visitors more welcome as well as help those from other countries learn more about "the Japan connection".

We have just created this page (April 2) and it will be under construction for several weeks as we add additional information.

First (ichi), a big (OKIE) welcome to our Japanese (NIHONGO) visitors. We will be adding additional materials to this page specifically for you!

Second (ni), we would really like to hear from our Japanese visitors and what they might like to see here. Please give us some feedback!

How to properly display Japanese text on a PC

To view the sites properly (show true Japanese characters on a U.S. PC you can use the Shodouka Launchpad or download some software from the Twin Bridges site. See the Japanese Language segment of our Other Links section.

For those thinking about trying to learn the Japanese Language

I suggest the program, Power Japanese by Bayware Inc. and Mangajin Magazine (listed in the Japanese language segment of our Other Links Page). I have used these products personally and found them to be the best way for me to learn the language.

Japanese Web Sites

Many Japanese web sites can be found in our Other Links Section in the Japan segment. Are also some Japanese links in the drive manufacturers segment, boating segment, and in the fishing segment of this page.

The Japanese boat builder web sites are in the Powerboat Manufacturer Links.

For those who can follow along in Japanese, their is a Japanese Boating Newsgroup : fj.rec.marine

If your provider doesn't carry it, it can be read at: http://www.ricoh.co.jp/rdc/ic/demo/netcow/view0/ng/fj.rec.marine if your computer can display Japanese text .

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