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Fuels, Lubes, & Oils Folder

Discussion of Links

Two exceptional references concerning fuels and oils come from an automotive tech group on the net that has summarized comments there into a group of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). These two documents are Gasoline FAQ and Oil Facts. The documents are updated from time to time by the group. Links to both documents are provided in the Fuels, Lubes, and Oils Segment of our Other Useful Links Section. The gasoline FAQ is incredibly thorough.

Also in the Fuels, Lubes, and Oils Segment is a link to "Two Technical Papers on Lubricants and Synthetic Oils". These articles provide extensive information about engine oils.

Discussion of Other Areas of this Site

Our rec.boats newsgroup FOLDER includes some of the discussions in the newsgroup about two-stroke oils sold by the various manufacturers.

Miscellaneous Thoughts and Ideas

Biodegradable Oil for Boats

The 29 February 1996 Wall Street Journal had a short clip in it about a new biodegradable oil for use in boats. The article appears in its entirety below.

Snowmobiles and critters must coexist at Yellowstone National
Park these days. So, the park is selling a new biodegradable oil 
from Conoco Inc., for use in two-cycle engines such as those in
snowmobiles, jet skis and boats. The synthetic lubricant
breaks down easily  and produces fewer emissions, says
Houston-based Conoco.

Gunnerman A-21 Water based Fuel

Beginning in 1994, a half water and half gasoline fuel (A-21) invented by Rudolph W. Gunnerman began to get some press. He teamed up in a joint venture with Caterpillar and they are continuing to develop the product. We have several references to this venture on our A-21 Fuel Page.

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