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Boating Week 2000

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It is our hope, these images will provide a "feel" for the area and activities.

The Convention Center

The Orange County Convention Center is a very large facility. We shared it with a huge RV conference. They are in process of building another facility nearby of similar size!


One of the main entrances led to the Exhibit Area. Several organizations had exhibits in the entryway. This area also housed the Information Booth. I used it several times in finding my way around this huge facility.

Boating Week Bash

A large party titled the Boating Week Bash was thrown on Tuesday night. Since I arrived after midnight Monday, I only stayed for the food. The roast was nice. Separate areas had fish and Mexican dishes as well. The Temptations were to provide the main entertainment.


The ever present busses shuttled us back and forth from the hotels.

Country Hearth Hotel

I stayed in the Country Hearth. It was a nice quaint "old time" hotel very near the convention center.

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