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RBBI Overall Comments on the Show

I had a great time, saw many old friends and really liked the "sessions." I thought it was a great learning experience for all.

Lake Bryan was like a piece of heaven.

Was the show cost effective for the exhibitors? I think many were less than greatly pleased with attendance of potential customers. Several mentioned they made some good contacts, but had hoped for more.

Some mentioned missing the glory days of Chicago years ago when the crowds were huge.

NMMA's strong promotional themes of unity, grow boating and certification met with mixed emotions. The industry is hard to unify (some good steps have at least been made in this area) and the jury is still out on certification (few certifications were issued).

Many attendees left with a much higher awareness of "access" issues (noise limits, emissions, manatee issues, National Park issues and others).

One thing we strongly commend the NMMA on, is they are taking action. Everybody may not always agree on the direction. But it's great to see them actively trying to solve the industry's problems. Hopefully, all will learn and grow together in the pursuit of a good boating experiences for the customer.

The sessions were a HUGE step in this direction. Hundreds interacted on many significant issues as well as educational sessions and came away with new knowledge and resources for the future.

We apologize for the delay in posting this coverage. We were caught up in a whirlwind of other trade shows and projects.


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