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We will be presenting technologies for design into products in this industry (Product Technologies), for use in processes making those products (Process Technologies), and for use in the office, communications, forecasting, etc (Business Practice Technologies).

Invention of the Stern Drive

The Patent Folder has a great story in it about the Invention of the Stern Drive. The background includes an internal conspiracy, several managers rejecting the new technology, and is an example of how long it can take for an idea to flourish. Many feel the stern drive itself is now in the mature position and some "new technology" may be knocking on its door.


An interesting Case Study involving a historical boat and its design and management decisions is available on the net. It illustrates some of the problems encountered when managing innovation and large projects. The case is called "The Vasa Capsizes". As technical types, you will rapidly identify with the situation and find humor that the same problems of innovation management you face today, occured hundreds of years ago as well.

If you are interested in learning even a little more about the Vasa, it is in a Swedish museum being restored and they have a nice multi-language web site.

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